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Hating Olivia is a remarkable tale of obsession and lust...

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Hating Olivia

"...SaFranko manages to create a story whose characters, pace, and structure make all previous assumptions null and void...SaFranko attaches a powerful message to an often painfully familiar story, about the individual versus the collective, the struggle to maintain the dream, and the importance of getting back up no matter how many times you fall." (Booklist)

"...a book of quiet horrors and beautifully expressed longing... SaFranko's prose is precise, flawless and the work of a man who truly loves and understands great writing." (Tony O'Neill, author of Down And Out On Murder Mile and Sick City)

"Hating Olivia is the kind of book -- the kind of memoir -- that must have been lived first. Survived. So strap yourself in. It's time for a real treat." (Dan Fante, author of Chump Change and 86'd)

"SaFranko's prose is enthusiastically a narrator Max is engaging, funny and full of straight-talk....SaFranko has a talent for two-fisted, Bukowski-esque prose...." (Kirkus Reviews)

"Hating Olivia is a remarkable tale of obsession and lust, a stunning protrait of a dangerously alienated hero masterfully told. You will not be able to put it down." (Mary Dearborn, author of Mailer: A Biography)

"SaFranko writes from the heart, and the balls, crating a furious and passionate piece of work that is entirely his own, with some scenes that would make Bukowski blush." (Susan Tomaselli,

"Throughout Hating Olivia, SaFranko shows his versatility and skill as a writer by making something supremely difficult look easy as hell." (Mike Ferraro,