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Hating Olivia is a remarkable tale of obsession and lust...

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Hopler's Statement 2017/​1998, River Jack Books
Available in a Kindle edition only

Hating Olivia (2010, Harper Perennial)
Max Zajack's life is cheap rooms, dead-end jobs, and suicidal fantasies until he meets the alluring and mysterious Olivia Aphrodite, and everything goes to hell.

Violently romantic, viscerally honest, Hating Olivia is the story of two loners whose obsessive love brings them to the edge of destruction.

DIRTY WORK (2014, Murder Slim Press)

Mark SaFranko must be getting a little tired of reading reviews of his books in which the reviewer questions why his work hasn't yet received the wider recognition it Bukowski, whose finest work arguably came later in his career, SaFranko's prose has grown increasingly more precise, clear and sharp the deeper he penetrates into his subject matter, which is more or less the task of survival ...In a just world, of course, things might be different. SaFranko teaches us to laugh, perhaps even cry. And that in itself is a kind of victory.
-- Christopher Brownsword, 3:AM Magazine

For any writer that's ever done a job that they really haven't liked, Dirty Work is amusing and familiar. For any reader that likes watching someone chase and fail to realise their dreams, Max Zajack has several sad, but also cruelly funny, stories to tell about his life...
-- Subtle Melodrama Book Reviews

GOD BLESS AMERICA (2010, Murder Slim Press)

"SaFranko is among the most riveting novelists on the planet; his series of Zajack books are essential...for any reader who likes their literature salty."
-- Matthew Firth, Front & Centre

"If you add God Bless America to the other Max Zajack novels Hating Olivia and Lounge Lizard, then SaFranko has produced a superbly crafted and well-written trilogy -- worthy successor to John Fante's the Bandini Quartet."
-- Steve Finbow, Bookmunch

"A must-have purchase for any head interested in new-wave fiction and progressive take-no-prisoners literature."
-- Joseph Ridgwell, 3:AM Magazine

LONERS (2008, Murder Slim Press)

"Mark SaFranko dazzles with Loners, an addictive, wide-ranging collection of crime stories of the highest order, and some of the most compelling character-driven fiction I've read in years. Very highly recommended."
-- Jason Starr

"Loners is a collection of brilliant short stories that had me twisting inwardly as I read them....They are magnificent."
-- Seymour Shubin

"The horror and the beauty in these stories will haunt you long after you have turned the last page."
-- Zsolt Alapi, The New Review

LOUNGE LIZARD (2007, Murder Slim Press)

"SaFranko's achievement is that he has managed to fashion a wonderfully readable novel that incorporates profound comments about the self-serving fashion in which society destroys our individuality and humanity. (He) is a major writer, and Lounge Lizard is essential reading."
-- Zsolt Alapi, The New Review

"SaFranko's brilliant follow-up to Hating Olivia, which is as honest and readable as its predecessor. Each page reflects the personality of a writer who can see a poetic beauty in the most mundane of experiences -- suggesting SaFranko can hold his own with Miller, Fante (John and Dan) and Bukowski."
-- James Doorne, Bizarre Magazine

"SaFranko has built upon the solid foundation of Hating Olivia, to produce a work that is even more ambitious and exciting."
-- Tony O'Neill, Dogmatika

From 13e Note Editions (France):

Travaux Forces (2013)

Dieu Benisse L'Amerique (2011)

Confessions D'Un Loser (2010)

Putain D'Olivia (2009)

MINABLE (2014, E-Fractions Editions), Mark SaFranko's first play published in French.

ALLEY NIGHT (2014, E-Fractions Editions) Stand-alone short story published in French.


Square One
Mark SaFranko/​2017
River Jack Records

Sooner Or Later
Mark SaFranko
2012/​River Jack Records

Mark SaFranko
2012/​River Jack Records

I Still Don't Know Who I Am
Mark SaFranko
2012/​River Jack Records

Strangers In My Bed
Mark SaFranko
2012/​River Jack Records

American Roads
Mark SaFranko And The Sea Goats
2012/​River Jack Records

Best Of 3
Mark SaFranko
2012/​River Jack Records

Music From An Unmade Movie
Mark SaFranko
2013/​River Jack Records

My Brother's Keepers: The Songs Of Mark SaFranko
John SaFranko
2016/​August Moon Records

Demons In The Mirror
Mark SaFranko
2015/​River Jack Records

Contains "The Balcony 2015 Remix"

One Believer
Mark SaFranko
2013/​River Jack Records